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Welcome to NJA College of Education

Nusrat Jahan Ahmadiyya College of Education was established in 1982. The first principal was Mr. Mashood Ahmad Shams. The College started with Certificate ‘A’ 4-year post middle programme. In 1991, the college was turned into a three-year post -secondary teacher training college, with the first batch graduating in 1993. Between the years 1985 and 1991, a two-year modular programme, which gave access to untrained teachers to enter the college on full-time for two years to be awarded a four year teacher's certificate ‘A’ post-middle was offered in the college in addition to the three-year post- secondary programme. . In 2004, the Diploma in Basic Education programme was introduced in the College. The first batch of graduates who offered this programme passed out in July 2007. The College is among the 15 colleges that were designated in October 2007 to offer quasi specialization in Science and Mathematics. Visually impaired students are also enrolled in the college to be trained as teachers. . Among the 2007/2008 students were seven visually impaired trainees, two of whom were women. Nusrat Jahan College of Education was given accreditation to the tertiary level of education in October 2007after assessment from the National Accreditation Board after she had been assessed by the National .

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B.ED Early Childhood Education
Mavis Abatanie 1.49 Hrs 456 Students

B.ED JHS Education
Fatawu Suleman 1.49 Hrs 431 Students

B.ED Primary Education
David Atia 1.49 Hrs 568 Students

Meet Our Team

Mr. Iddrisu Yusham
Ag.Finance Officer

E-Mail: financeunit@njace.edu.gh

Mr. Mahama G. Hudu
Assistant Secretary(Hr)

E-Mail: hr@njace.edu.gh

Mrs.Elizabeth A. Adyei
Ag.College Librarian

E-Mail: library@njace.edu.gh

Mr.Seidu Bashiru
Quality Assurance Officer

E-mail :qao@njace.edu.gh


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