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Mr. Shani Osman has established himself as a distinguished figure in the educational sector, particularly with his extensive involvement at Tumu College of Education. Since beginning his tenure there in September 2000, Mr. Osman has undertaken a variety of significant leadership roles that have contributed to the college's development and success. His roles have spanned from Head of Department to Quality Assurance Officer, and from Coordinator of Academic Affairs and Examinations to Acting Principal, a position he held from January to July 2023. This diverse range of positions underscores Mr. Osman's versatile leadership abilities and his comprehensive understanding of educational administration and policy implementation.

Currently, Mr. Osman is serving as the Principal of NJA College of Education in Wa, where he continues to apply his expertise in educational leadership to further the institution's objectives. His academic background is equally impressive, with a Master of Philosophy degree in Social Studies Education obtained from the University of Education, Winneba. This is complemented by a research-intensive Master of Arts degree in Governance and Sustainable Development and a Bachelor of Education degree in Social Studies, both from the prestigious University of Cape Coast.

In his esteemed position within the Harmonized Scheme of Service for Staff of Colleges of Education, Mr. Osman is recognized at the Principal Tutor rank. This recognition is a testament to his dedication, skill, and impact on the field of education. Mr. Osman's research interests are broad and impactful, focusing on critical areas such as Pedagogy in Social Studies, Educational Assessment, Gender Issues, Education for Sustainable Development, and Global Citizenship Education. His scholarly contributions to these fields are notable, with a total of 22 publications to his credit. These works not only highlight his commitment to advancing educational practices but also his desire to influence positive change within the broader educational landscape. Mr. Osman's career and achievements reflect a deep commitment to enhancing the quality of education and fostering an environment that supports sustainable development and global citizenship.

Name: Mr. Shani Osman
Position: Principal
Degree: MPhil
Experience: 24 Years
Phone: +...............
Email: principal@njace.edu.gh
Address: 123 Street, Jahan, Wa
Freelance: Available


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Head of Department

Tumu CoE |

In this capacity, Mr. Osman led academic departments, overseeing curriculum development, faculty coordination, and student academic progress.

Quality Assurance Officer

Tumu CoE |

Here, he was responsible for ensuring the quality of education delivered by the institution met both national and international standards, implementing policies that enhanced teaching and learning outcomes./p>

Coordinator for Academic Affairs and Examinations

Tumu CoE |

Mr. Osman managed academic scheduling, examination preparations, and the execution of academic policies, ensuring the smooth conduct of educational and evaluative processes.

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Acting Principal (Tumu College of Education)

From January to July 2023, he assumed the leadership role of Acting Principal, overseeing the entire operations of the college, demonstrating his ability to manage and lead an educational institution at the highest level.

Principal (NJA College of Education, Wa)

As the substantive Principal, Mr. Osman now leads NJA College of Education, applying his vast experience to further the college's mission and objectives.


Mr. Osman's academic qualifications include a Master of Philosophy in Social Studies Education, a Master of Arts in Governance and Sustainable Development, and a Bachelor of Education in Social Studies.


Mr. Osman's research interests and publications further enrich his profile, showcasing his dedication to advancing educational methodologies and addressing critical issues such as pedagogy, assessment, and sustainable development.


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